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Introducing the
704 Photography Studio

The 704 Photography Studio is a classy, elegant space designed to help photographers create and find inspiration. It's the perfect place for photographers to express their vision and capture beautiful memories. 

Studio Features

A large, light-filled space with walls of west facing windows and about 500 sq ft of shooting space. The space is equipped with a backdrop setup, seamless backdrops, a bed, stools, furniture and décor, 2 private bathrooms and more.

Studio Guidelines & Details

THANK YOU so much for your interest in my sweet little space. So much planning was poured into this studio and I am so happy to share it with you!

Please use it with care and leave it in better standing than you found it.  Words from my momma herself! 

I want you to freely create here, but it's necessary to create guidelines, so that there is no miscommunication. So check out those guidelines below & happy shooting!

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